DriverSide Online Marketing Solutions

DriverSide offers several powerful online marketing solutions proven to immediately help you:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Increase car counts
  • Boost revenue & profitability
  • Lower your direct marketing expenses

To learn more, check out our short videos below or download a product overview or case study

DriverSide Online Garage

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The DriverSide Online Garage is an automated customer retention and email marketing solution that creates a personalized webpage for every customer’s vehicle right on your website. This program immediately helps you recapture lost customers and keep your current customers coming back more frequently. Our clients say this is the most cost effective sales booster they have.

  • Fully automated and integrated with your SMS
  • Customer access to service history and ownership tools
  • Personalized email service reminders, alerts and newsletters
  • Proven to increase car counts and customer retention

Online Garage Overview
DriverSide Case Study

DriverSide Reputation Driver

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The DriverSide Reputation Driver program is a turn-key service that quickly generates positive online customer reviews for your business, which are vital in attracting new customers. These reviews are automatically posted to your website, popular Find-A-Mechanic directories and customers are prompted to post them on Google, Yelp and Yahoo! Plus, Reputation Driver will immediately help you improve customer service, identify and correct negative customer experiences, and eliminate the need for mystery shopping.

  • Fully automated and integrated with your SMS
  • Improved customer service and customer acquisition
  • Correct poor reviews before they cost you future business
  • Positive reviews posted to your website and online directories

Reputation Driver Overview

DriverSide Facebook Application

The DriverSide Facebook application will significantly increase your online exposure and new customer acquisition by automatically adding your business coupons, positive customer reviews and DriverSide Online Garage to your business’s facebook page. This custom application enhances the consumer value and interaction on your facebook page that is critical to generating "Likes" and referrals to your business. Plus adding a: Coupons, Reviews and My Garage tabs to your facebook page will enhance search results and increase sales.

  • Brand presence on the world's largest social site
  • Customer access to their Online Garage
  • Advertise your coupons & positive customer reviews
  • Easy way to promote your business to friends and family

Facebook Application Overview

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