A Direct Mail Advertising Program Featuring Special Benefits For ServiceBAY Dealers

ServiceBAY dealers can enjoy the benefits of a national direct mail program offering coverage in local markets.

In today's fragmented advertising marketplace direct mail has proven to be one of the most effective ways to market your business. With direct mail you are able to target potential customers in your local market more cost effectively than other advertising methods.

Consider this: The majority of consumers (72%) enjoy looking at coupons and special offers received in the mail and usually buy the brands advertised in the coupons or special offers. Targeted direct mail to consumers in your market will help drive them to your retail store.

Instructions for selecting and producing your own postcard campaign can be found in this pdf

The ServiceBAY Expresscopy Direct Mail Program Offers:

  • A large selection of pre-designed postcards
  • 48-hour turn-around
  • Low 100 card minimum mailings
  • Customer lists based on whom you want to reach, or use your own list, or a combination
  • Pricing as low as 58¢ a card includes first class postage

With the ServiceBAY/Expresscopy Direct Mail Program you can easily do the following:

  • Select from a host of pre-designed postcards
  • Select from a menu of pre-designed coupons
  • Assign pricing and expiration dates
  • Upload your own mailing list or purchase a target list for your specific market area and demographics

To enter the Expresscopy site use the link below. You can view the available postcards and create your own campaign

A dealer may want to use postcards to prospect for customers with a targeted mailing list that can be purchased for 8¢ a name:

A dealer may want to use their co-op to send pre-approved postcards that tie in with a tire manufacturer’s national promotion:

Below are some ideas on how to effectively use to reach new and existing customers

Use Expresscopy for your customer service reminders. Only 58¢ ea. Mailed 1st class

Announce a new product or service to your customer base

Finding good new customers is not easy. A dealer with a housing development near his location may consider using an address in the middle of that development, pick a radius in tenths of a mile and purchase a list of names of 8¢ ea. They could then design a series of postcards to market effectively to that neighborhood.

Want to do some grass roots advertising for an event you are sponsoring? Expresscopy can print and UPS cards to a dealer's store. Dealers could pass them out at a local business park or shopping mall

Keep your business name on the top of your customer’s minds by doing some Image Advertising