Who is eligible for ServiceBay?
ServiceBay is designed to help the Independent Tire Dealer compete in today's increasingly competitive marketplace. Contact your local ATD DC or fill out the Contact Us form to see if you qualify for ATD ServiceBay
Is there a minimum puchase from ATD to qualify?
Yes - Eligible dealers must purchase a minimum of $25,000 from ATD annually to qualify.
What Bay do I qualify for?
All qualified ATD Independent Tire Dealers are assigned to one of nine BAY levels based on:

1) Total annual dollar purchases (includes all products)
2)Annual percentage growth of passenger and light truck unit purchases (includes all brands)

Bay levels measured and assigned on an annual basis at the end of each calendar year. Fees and program eligibility are based on a dealer’s bay level and may change from year to year if a dealer’s bay level changes.

ATDServiceBAY offers a broad range of programs, services, tools and technologies that will help an independent tire retailer:
  • Develop marketing strategies to attract new customers
  • Provide customer service and expertise to keep customers coming back
  • Sell products and services that will increase customer satisfaction
    ...and your bottom line
  • Improve the efficiency of your operation
And so much more...