Virtual Vehicle MD

Virtual Vehicle MD is an online support program for automotive service professionals that will simplify the communication between service professionals and their customers. It is designed specifically as a tool for service professionals that will assist as they explain why and what services and repairs are needed. Explaining the reason for necessary repairs on today's vehicles is difficult at best without showing the customer the difference between good and broken. Virtual Vehicle MD gives you the ability to demonstrate complex failures in context with the symptom(s) they are concerned about. You can even show them how the system will work after the repair. Describing the reasons for a suggested repair over the phone is even more difficult. With Virtual Vehicle MD you can e-mail your customer an animation that allows you to demonstrate the reason for the service you are suggesting; giving them the confidence to say YES. Virtual Vehicle MD is available in English, Spanish and French.

For more information or for a free trial go to: Virtual Vehicle MD

Virtual Vehicle MD can be purchased for $199.95 annually or $19.95 per month for dealers that use WebLink II with Mitchell 1 (dealers will be billed by CARQUEST)

The simplified animations of vehicle parts and systems will allow service professionals to easily illustrate over 165 of the most common customer vehicle concerns (and counting!). Some examples are:

  • Why a timing belt needs to be replaced
  • What effect warped brake discs/rotors have
  • Why fuel injectors need to be cleaned

Benefits to your business:

  • Increases in repeat business as customers feel more confident and better understand the services you performed in maintaining their vehicle.
  • More referrals as customers tell their friends and family about the great experience they had at your business.
  • Higher sales as customers begin to understand why additional work needs to be completed that will benefit them and their vehicles in the long-term.