ATDOnline™ is an internet link between American Tire Distributors distribution centers (DC's) and our dealers. The click of a mouse provides immediate access to inventory and purchasing information. No more waiting on the phone to place an order, simply place an order on the screen and click "Send Order". The distribution center will have the order on the next delivery truck! Signing up is easy! To sign up for ATDOnline™ simply go to and register. Once you are registered you can begin ordering products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when it's convenient for you. Thousands of dealers are already experiencing the benefit of being electronically linked to their local distribution centers with ATDOnline™. ATDOnline™ offers the tools listed below.

ATDOnline™ Inventory Lookup

  • Tire and wheel availability
  • Product information
  • Electronic order capability
  • Product search by size, product number, or vendor

Tire and Wheel Fitment Guide

  • OE tire & wheel size
  • OE air pressure
  • Bolt patterns & offset information
  • Plus sizes

Quote Feature

  • Custom package quoting
  • Detailed profiling capability
  • Print quotes

Management Tools

  • Access to accounts payable information
  • Track your progress to your marketing program objectives