10 Foot Wave Electronic Menu Boards

Our offering, ScreenWave, is a product suite that is tailor-made for the automotive industry.

Included in the ScreenWave product suite is ScreenWave Menu Board, ScreenWave TV, and ScreenWave On-Demand.

ScreenWave Menu Board

ScreenWave Menu Board is designed specifically to meet the needs of auto care dealers. It allows clients to list their services and/or products with or without price information. Clients are able to promote various store promotions, display community messages, and many other types of relevant content.

ScreenWave Private TV

ScreenWave Private TV is intended to replace expensive cable or satellite subscription service in the waiting areas. We provide 2-3 hours of updated content each month from CBS, My Classic Car, Speed Channel and other well regarded content providers.

ScreenWave On-Demand

ScreenWave On-Demand is an add-on feature for ScreenWave Menu Board and ScreenWave Private TV. It is designed to allow clients to temporarily suspend the menu board and call up 30 second video animations of critical auto components for service advisors to show and explain why certain repairs are needed or recommended.

Subscription Details:

One Time $149 sign up fee
  • $89/month if paid monthly
  • $85/month if paid annually
  • (Requires high speed Internet Connection)
Screen Requirements:
  • 42" or larger LED/LCD screen
  • 720p minimum resolution
  • Minimum of 1 HDMI input
3 year term. May cancel within first 30 days with no penalty. After that a $250 early termination fee may apply!

You Receive:

10 Foot Wave digital media player
  • Small form factor PC
  • IR remote sensor
  • IR remote control
  • power supply
  • HDMI cables

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